Labradorite Yggdrasil (Tree of Life) Pendant

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In Norse Mythology, The Yggdrasil is an evergreen Ash tree that spreads over the 9 worlds of the Norse Kingdom.  It is a highly sacred place, where the gods will assemble.  It is seen as a symbol of protection in Icelandic culture.

As a big fan of both Icelandic culture and the tree of life, I now make pendants using wire and extremely high quality Labradorite (average 140 carats).  

Labradorite as a healing mineral is a wonderful companion if you want to enhance psychic ability or if you are going through any kind of transformation in your life.  Also it helps with anxiety and depression.   In addition to this, there are zodiac signs that work well with Labradorite and these are: LIBRA, CANCER, LEO, AQUARIUS & PISCES.

These pendants are available in hearts or teardrop shapes and are finished with a waxed chord necklace.  The length is 18 inches.

The stones themselves are approximately 3cm at the largest point though I must point out that no two are the same.  Colours also vary because Labradorite is holographic in appearance and will show variants of orange, green and blue - as the pictures illustrate.   They are also effected by the light differently so will show their full illumination at various different angles rather than all the time.  For this reason it is difficult to show a picture here of the exact product that you will be buying!

One thing I can assure you of, however, is the quality of workmanship and the beauty of my Labrodite as it consistantly grabs the attention of my customers here in Iceland!  PLEASE NOTE THAT THE PICTURES HERE ARE OF PREVIOUS PENDANTS I HAVE MADE AND MAY NOT BE THE SAME AS YOURS IN SIZE OR COLOUR.

I recommend that before purchasing this item you contact me by email: to discuss your preferences so as to get the best out of your pendant.