Lava Chakra Bracelet

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Based on the ancient Indian concept of Chakra healing, our new Chakra bracelets have been designed with both men and women in mind as they stretch to fit any wrist.

The bracelet is made of lava beads and there are 7 Chakra beads representing the 7 Chakra points in the human body.

The stones are as follows:

Amethyst   (Purple, Crown Chakra, Spirituality)

Lapis         (Blue, Third Eye Chakra, Awareness)

Turquoise     (Turquoise, Throat Chakra, Communication)

Unakite        (Green/Brown,,  Heart Chakra, Love & Healing)

Tiger Eye     (Brown, Solar Plexus, Wisdom & Power)

Orange Calcite     (Orange, Sacral Chakra, Sexuality & Creativity)

Carnelian       (Red, Root Chakra, Basic Trust)

The silver spacer beads are made from tibetan silver and will not spoil.  If they lose shine they can simply be cleaned with a silver cloth to restore them to their former shine :)  To make the bracelet larger, simply pull the beads outwards from the centre square. 

The bracelets are gift-boxed.