Backflow Incense Burner

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I have three designs. Mushroom, angel heart and lava. Each comes with 10 free cones.  The cones are mixed floral fragrances and can also be purchased separately in packs of ten.

The mushroom design comes in a padded box and is made of resin, making it lightweight. That said, it is a good size, about 20cm in height.

The angel heart design is the largest and is made from ceramic. The angel on top is ceramic. This design also comes in a box.

The Lava design is the smallest and features Icelandic lava, which is glued on. When in use it reminds me of an active volcano and sometimes a steaming Lagoon! 

All the designs are very pretty to watch but for best waterfall effect, make sure the air around it is still.

Dispose of used cone in the sink for safety, to ensure it's not still burning inside.