Hidden Forest Wire Tree Collection

As a new special project, I started making miniature Bonsai trees.  My objective here was to create pieces that reflect different moods and the changing seasons, while celebrating the symbolism of the Tree of Life.   I really feel the finished trees depict a sense of realism, while also opening a gateway into the imagination.

I am gradually adding trees as I make them and each one is completely unique.

Incorporating Icelandic nature as always, the trees are set on an Icelandic Lava base.  I pick the lava stones myself and each is aged approximately 8000 years.  Some are also being set on rare Icelandic minerals such as Silfurberg (Iceland Spar).

Some of the trees feature crystals, others feature tiny beads and some feature natural minerals.  They are all different sizes and some have larger stones... for this reason the shipping cost will vary.

It felt appropriate to name some of the trees in this collection, as they are each so unique and I feel personally attached to each of them!

I hope you enjoy viewing them...they make wonderful talking pieces and of course gifts.  If you would like a variation on any one of the trees in this collection, do not hesitate to email me at hiddenpeopleshop@gmail.com.