Wire Wrapped Lava Tree - With Gems

This is a new collection, which I am constantly adding to as I love making these.

I use two types of lava to create the base for each tree - the red/brown lava from Hafnarfjordur or the grey lava pebbles.  Both types of lava are approximately 8000 years old but rather than coming from a mine, the lava pebbles are the result of a historic volcanic eruption where molten lava crashed down into the ocean.  Over many thousands of years it has been slowly tumbled into the neat pebbles that we now find on some of our beaches.

The tree in this collection are made with either copper, gold or silver wire and they feature either natural healing minerals or Swarovski Elements crystals.

They are all completely unique and vary in size - therefore, each piece is priced accordingly, taking into consideration the number of crystals, amount of wire, and time taken to make it.  Whilst many of our creations are sold in our Iceland store without being made available on the website, these are suitable for shipping as the wires are flexible, they are very sturdy and will travel well.

It is advisable to send me an email prior to ordering one of these trees, just to check that the crystals or beads are available in stock.  I do try to keep them in stock but there are many different and new varieties frequently coming in.  I have created a basic price structure for sizes, making them available in small (under 40 stones) or large (over 100 stones).  However, if you have custom design/colour or size in mind please send me an email with your ideas and I will do my best to accommodate you according to size, beads and cost requirements.   You can contact me at shop@hidden.is