Icelandic Nature Earrings

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These unique and popular handmade earrings are made from nickel-free sterling silver. 

There are currently 7 different designs available - Lava Aurora (lava bead and green glass crystal bead).  The other 6 designs are from the Nature Lover's collection and are made in the same way as the pendants in that collection.  They are 6mm glass balls and are filled with a choice of: Volcano Ash, Red Lava, Sheep Wool, Preserved Green Moss, Preserved Reindeer Moss and Preserved Lupine flower.

These delicate and elegant earrings come in a black silk Hidden People pouch :)

You can purchase the necklace and matching earrings as a set at a discounted price of 7800kr/apprx 78 USD (see option under pendants section)