Icelandic Horseshoe Pendants

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These unique pendants in the shape of crosses and Thor's Hammer were handcrafted in the south of Iceland, on an Island called Westman Islands (Vestmannaeyjar).  They are made from Icelandic horseshoe pins.

The craft dates back to the 9th century when farmers first began fitting shoes to their horses. At that time, they were so poor that they would make jewellery from the pins of the shoes and sell in order to bolster their income.

In centuries gone by it has become a lost art but we love these pendants and are excited to have found a man who makes them.  The pendants have string textured necklaces and are adjustable in length.  Keyrings are an alternative to the pendants.

Please let us know your preference of the wire colour by message when finalising your order :)