Lava & Rose Quartz Necklace

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Considered to be one of the most universal of the healing crystals, Rose Quartz is a really strong healer in so many aspects of health that we cannot even list all of them - but we will do our best!

Our Rose Quartz & lava necklaces will sit perfectly on your collar bone with an approximate length of 17 inches.  The Rose Quartz beads are faceted. 

The Rose Quartz is a soft pink colour, although shades can vary so some stones can appear white with a very subtle pink tone.  In centuries gone by (from apprx 600BC) it was used as a love token and still holds significance today in promoting or attracting love.  It is said to be a 'self mothering' quartz in that it can support the wearer following the loss of a parent as they come to terms with their grief and begin to move forward in their life following that loss.  Similarly, it helps to overcome trauma and upheaval. It promotes peaceful sleep and pleasant dreams for children and grown-ups who wear it.

Rose quartz is also a stone of sensuality in terms of stimulating the sensual imagination.  Furthermore it is said to be an aphrodisiac.

An unusual use for this crystal is that it is worn to protect the wearer from idol gossip in the workplace - we think most people, particularly those in offices will need one of these on that basis!  

Other areas supported by this crystal include: lungs, chest infection, kidneys, heart, complicated childbirth, postnatal depression, vertigo.