Miniature Iceland Spar Yggdrasil

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This miniature wire tree is made with tarnish-free aluminum.   The whole art piece stands approximately 13cm tall and the height of the Iceland Spar crystal is approximately 5cm, with a width of 7cm.

Iceland Spar is known in Iceland as Silfurberg and it is found in the Eastern part of the country.  Mining of this stone became illegal in Iceland back in 2006 and this rare piece was part of a collection that I came by following the death of an Icelandic stonemason, who mined this stone back in the 1980´s.

By law here in Iceland, we are no allowed to sell the nature on its own - so I make many gifts out of the nature and that is what enables me to sell this rare piece of Iceland Spar quartz.  I hope you enjoy my work :)