Scented Gel Candles with Icelandic Nature

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These candles all contain Icelandic Nature and the alluring fragrances are perfect to set any mood.  We are still working on new candles for this collection and you can track our progress by following us on Instagram!  

These candles come in giftboxes for safe travel.  Bowl diameter: 8cm.  Burn time: approximately 2 evenings (gel candles are very slow burning).


"Berries In The Moss" is one of our favourite fragrances.  The candle itself features preserved wild Icelandic berries on a bed of ancient green moss.  The scent has a strong throw and smells like sweet red berries.  A favourite with our customers too!

"Icelandic Ocean" contains black sand, pebbles and shells from our beaches at Reykjavik and Alftanes.  A clear customer favourite, we have yet to meet someone that doesn´t like this fragrance - which smells of a cool ocean breeze.  Again, this candle has a strong fragrance throw, which fills our workshop and beyond when we are making it!