Storm Tree "Tempest" Version 5

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This tree took several days to complete and is intricately formed with non-tarnish gold coloured wire.,  It stands firmly on a lava rock base.   If you look at my instagram account you will see a video of me making this actual tree!

The height is approximately 25cm and it sits strongly inside a lava base.  One of the photo's here shows it being secured into the base - it was then covered with lava so you don´t actually see the root.  That said, the lava in that area is visibly dark where the epoxy is located.

I was inspired to make this tree following the year of 2020....a difficult year for many of us.  This tree symbolizes holding on through the storm.

This design has been well received by native Icelanders as it is quite typical of an Icelandic winter storm!