Storm Tree With Icelandic Quartz-coated Base

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This handmade wire tree is secured to a one-off Icelandic mineral-coated rock.  The mineral here in Iceland is known as Bergkristall and it´s a clear quartz.  The closest  mineral to this one in geological terms would be amethyst.   The Bergkristall coats the front of this otherwise ordinary piece of rock.

The rock measures 17cm in width X  7.5cm in height where it meets the tree base.  In total this ornamental art piece is approximately 28cm in height.  There is a video clip of this tree uploadad to my instagram page if you would like to have a look :) hiddenpeoplegemking

The tree is made from Aluminum wire so that it will not tarnish, meaning that the piece will not need cleaning and will not discolor, so as to preserve its beauty forever :)