Incense Collection Inspired By Iceland

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Buy 2 and a 3rd box will be sent for free!  Please specify in the message section of your order, which one you would like as your free pack - or I will select one at random x

A unique combination of scents inspired by the nature, culture and seasons of Iceland brings together this Hidden People incense collection.
There are now 13 different fragrances: Elf Magic, Snow Mountain, Winter Bliss, Dark Lava, Midnight Sun, Mystic Waterfall, Fairy Dust, Enchanted Forest, Iceland In Bloom, Land Of Peace, Yggdrasil (Tree of Life) and Chakra.

Please note that this incense is packaged personally by me, though is made in India as incense cannot be manufactured in Iceland.

I can sum up the fragrances as follows:

Enchanted Forest: Oak based fragrance, very refreshing, very slight sweetness, consistently a favourite with my customers here in Iceland.
Snow Mountain: Features Sandalwood, refreshing cool scent.
Dark Lava: Also a customer favourite, dark, musky, earthy, strong but very nice!
Iceland In Bloom: This celebrates the Alaskan Lupine that fills the landscape here in Iceland. This is the smell of purple! Violets, Sweet.
Elf Magic: Musky, Earthy, Strong, Dark
Fairy Dust: Sweet, a hint of Baby Powder, magical!
Yggdrasil: Spiritual, Spicy, Earthy, Good for Meditation...very popular here in Iceland!
Red Hot Lava: Cherry Tobacco, Smells hot!, Strong.
Land of Peace: White Sage based fragrance, refreshing & pleasant, airy rather than overwhelming. Spiritual Cleansing. I burn this one a lot! :)
Winter Bliss: Cool Snow, Cloves, Pine, a crackling fire, Everything you associate with winter!
Mystic Waterfall: Cool, Refreshing, Slight Sweetness. One of my favourites.
Midnight Sun: Sweet & Mystical, Similar to Mystic Waterfall...perfect for meditation.
Chakra: Notes of lemongrass, flora & earthy nature...perfect for meditation and creating a spiritual ambience

If you purchase 2 Incenses I will send out a 3rd one for free :)

Drilled lava incense holders are also available in this collection.  Please note that these vary in colour tone and size.