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At Hidden People I am embracing the ancient healing powers of semi-precious stones in a collection of lava bracelets, necklaces and even rings.

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Please note that, whilst I do make a lot of products, the crystals themselves do not come from Iceland.  They come from all over the world. 

When choosing a piece from this collection you can think not only about the natural beauty of the stones that I am working with, but also consider the special way in which the ancient natural stones can work with your body and mind to promote good health and inner peace.  When selecting crystals for online orders, I ensure that my selections will fulfill your needs as best possible as I understand the importance of the stone being just perfect!

You can read about the qualities of each stone below.  These benefit all wearers but I have added zodiac signs that have further relevance to each stone.

Please note that some items in this collection are made to order, so by all means let me know when ordering if you have any special requirements with regard to wrist size for the bracelets (if you are extra large or extra petite for example).  This also applies to rings if you have additional information when ordering that will help us make sure items fit as they should :)

Keep watching this space as I will be frequently expanding this collection.


Lava: Protection against negative energy, whether inner or projected from others.  A stone of strength, courage and bouncing back from difficult times.

Angel Aura Quartz: Angel Aura Quartz is a clear quartz mineral, which is heated to 1600 F and coated in metal to give a rainbow finish.  Hidden People Aura Quartz pendants  are coated  in titanium and are really colourful.  The necklaces they are attached to are made from black gun metal.  This mineral is a really high vibration mineral and its purpose is to fill the wearer with joy and unblock a foggy mind to create clarity in thinking and moving forward with plans and goals.  It inspires and aids creativity.   This is one of the best minerals if you are looking to progress spiritually and connect with your Guardian Angel.

What it will also do is aid those in emotional distress.  It is a very powerful stone and some have found that they need to carry a grounding stone like Jasper when using it.

On a personal note, of all the crystals I have worn and worked with, this is the one that has had the most significant impact on my life.   Since wearing it, I have felt confident and driven to move forward in certain aspects of my life.  By this, I mean situations where I had either been procrastinating.. or where I had simply been unsure of what to do!  In these areas of my life, a path has suddenly become clear and I have felt "guided" towards certain choices.  I have also felt a great source of comfort and protection.  It is true to say that this stone has brought me a lot of happiness!  See how you get on!  :)   AQUARIUS, ARIES


Bismuth is among the heaviest of healing crystals as it is a byproduct of lead mining. A perfect bedside companion, Bismuth helps you to achieve a meditative state and aids in astral travel. It is a crystal that gives you the confidence to pursue goals, while also keeping you grounded as it works with both the crown and root chakra. It encourages you to reach out and seek companionship if you are lonely. It also symbolises strength in a new relationship.


Rose Quartz:  Universal love, relationship harmony, inner healing, peace, promotes fertility, healthy pregnancy, vertigo, promotes quick recovery from illness, Kidney disorders, emotional healing, bereavement. SCORPIO LIBRA, TAURUS

Turquoise:    Leadership, career progression, creativity, writer´s block, depression, panic attacks, protection against falls.  PISCES, SAGITTARIUS, CANCER, LEO

Tiger Eye:    Seasonal Affective Disorder - SAD (holds energy of the sun), depression, asthma, high blood pressure. CAPRICORN, ARIES, GEMINI, CANCER, LEO

Agate:       Courage, calming, relief from nausea, repressed emotions, mental health.  GEMINI, CANCER

Fluorite:      Promotes concentration, learning, co-ordination, auric cleansing, mental clarity, vertigo, diseases of the nervous system, blood pressure, psychic awareness, viral infections.  PISCES, CAPRICORN

Dalmation Jasper:       Recovery from trauma, fertility, IBS, epilepsy, pain relief, stomach, liver, kidneys, sexual organs, enhanced sexual pleasure.  Good stone for dog lovers and those who rescue animals VIRGO, SCORPIO, TAURUS, LEO, PISCES, GEMINI

Jade:  A healing gemstone that has been used as a powerful lucky charm for thousands of years. It helps you achieve your goals by attracting and magnifying positive energy and emotions such as peace, wisdom, and harmony. Jade stones also work to boost prosperity in all areas of your life. A traditional gemstone of abundance, jade brings harmony and happiness to you. ARIES, TAURUS, GEMINI, LIBRA 

Snowflake Obsidian:     Volcanic origin.  Aids treatment of vascular conditions. Promotes positive thinking and aids the breaking of negative thought patterns.  Aids meditation and past life work.  Protection from negative energies.  VIRGO, SCORPIO, SAGITTARIUS, CAPRICORN

Howlite:  Good general pain relief.  Calms communication, aids self-expression and eliminates both stress and negative energy.  Helps to balance calcium levels in the body, aiding teeth and bones.  GEMINI, LEO

Hematite:  Contains iron, recommended for blood disorders, solving logical problems, mathematics.  ALL ZODIAC SIGNS

Opalite (man-made gemstone):  Crown Chakra, Intuition.  This stone facilitates spiritual guidance and provides clarity and truth.  In issues relating to poor body image and associated lack of confidence, it aids the wearer so that they can be more able to find self acceptance and engage in social interactions with others.  TAURUS, LIBRA

Lapis Lazuli:  This stone was more precious and valuable than gold to the ancient Egyptians, who used it as a tool to communicate with the gods.  They even lined the Pharaoh´s tombs with it.  It promotes strong divine communication and psychic awareness, as well as creativity.  It stimulates good judgement and aids in searching for the truth so is recommended for journalists and psychologists.  It is recommended for women with menstrual irregularities and it is also recommended for teenagers with temperament issues or those living with Asperger´s syndrome, autism, nervous disorders. SAGITTARIUS, LIBRA, ARIES, TAURUS, CAPRICORN, LEO

Cats Eye (man-made gemstone):  A good luck stone for adventurous people, gamblers or and risk takers, as it is said to bring stability in material goods and wealth.  It is good for those who are exploring a new business venture, but also recovering from a loss in business or recovering from a personal addiction.  This stone safeguards from accidents and against evil intent of others.  Finally assists those who are recovering from abuse or trauma.  ALL ZODIAC SIGNS, MOST BENEFIT TO AQUARIUS

Amethyst:   A powerful tool in spirit communication and development of psychic awareness.  Relieves pain & tension. New ideas & creativity. AQUARIUS, PISCES, CAPRICORN, ARIES, LEO

Sodalite:  Enhances self-esteem & self-trust.  Provides peace and calm,  Relief from anxiety attacks.  Stress reduction.  Unblocks the throat chakra, aiding communication and expression of feelings.  For those who live inside their minds.  Boosts immune system.  SAGITTARIUS

Malachite:   Stimulates & encourages change and assists positive transformation to the wearer.  Balances chakras.  Healing of the heart, physically or emotionally.   Protection when travelling.  Protection when travelling on busy highways.   Recovery from jet lag, colds, sweats.  Helps wearer to overcome emotional abuse and fear of being noticed.  Assists in protection from controlling relationships.  Spiritual growth, psychic awareness.  CAPRICORN, TAURUS, VIRGO

Unakite Jasper:  A good stone for caring and compassionate people.  This stone synchronizes the heart and mind.  Harmonious relationships, both in love and business.  A strong healing stone for those in hospital with long term/prolonged illness.  Aids in recovery from addiction, such as quitting smoking or alcohol.  Balances metabolism and circulation of bodily fluids.  Aids in protection against pollution from technological devices such as  TV´s, computers, cellphones.  CANCER, CAPRICORN, ARIES, SCORPIO, TAURUS

Labradorite:  A stone of transformation, Labradorite is a useful companion through change, imparting strength and perseverance. It balances and protects the aura, raises consciousness and grounds spiritual energies. Excellent for strengthening intuition - promoting psychic abilities.  AQUARIUS, PISCES, LEO, SCORPIO, SAGITTARIUS


Balances and cleanses your chakras, reduces anxiety and stress.  Grounding to earthly roots and protection from bad energy/low vibrations.  Attracts friendship, aids reconciliation and builds self-confidence.  LIBRA, VIRGO

Zebra Stone (known as: Zebra Jasper/Zebra Agate)

Aura protection. Motivates you to put ideas into action.  Stamina and endurance for sports people.  Increases your physical energy.   Helps you to see both sides of a situation and see through deception or falsehoods.  Aids recovery from depression and anxiety.  GEMINI, TAURUS

Pyrite (Fools Gold)

A powerful protection stone that works to protect you emotionally, spiritually and physically from bad energy.  It helps you see the true beauty of the universe.  Enhances memory to help you recall information when needed and stimulates intellect.  Protection to caregivers when working with the sick.  Also aids recovery from infectious diseases.  Promotes recovery from lung diseases and bone issues. Appears as gold flecks in Lapis Lazuli. LEO

Carnelian (Carnelian Agate)

Motivation, courage, endurance, leadership.  Gives confidence for those nervous of speaking.  Ancient warriors wore this stone for strength to combat their enemies.  Aids transformation into the individual that you want to be.  Gives the confidence to feel secure in your own body as this stone emanates an energy of safety and acceptance.   Carnelian encourages you to take chances and embrace challenges, in the knowledge that you have support from your friends. Aids meditation and helps you embrace your body.  This is also the stone of fertility. ARIES, VIRGO


Moonstone represents new beginnings, inner strength and growth.  In ancient times it was known as the “Sleeping Stone” as it was said to aid restful sleep.  Promotes calmness, happiness and encourages unselfish behaviour.  Provides comfort in childbirth, supports nurturing of others.  A good stone for mothers or those becoming mothers. Moonstone also promotes success in love, financial affairs and business, plus safe travel. A stone of the third eye, Moonstone aids intuition and psychic development. CANCER, LIBRA, SCORPIO

Blue Lace Agate

This type of agate strongly promotes creativity and fantasy in terms of imaginative thinking.  Ideal for writers or artists.  Supporting the throat chakra it aids public speaking and communication/self expression on all levels.  On the flipside, it also assists those who talk too much and, as a consequence, can inadvertently say the wrong thing!  Also aids recovery from infections associated with the throat.

In addition to promoting creativity, this stone has all the calming properties we find in all agate.  Agate is the stone of mental wellbeing, aiding those who suffer from panic attacks and anxiety. ARIES, GEMINI, LIBRA

Clear Quartz

Brings positive energy and high vibrations in abundance to promote physical and mental wellbeing.  Amplifies the power of other stones.  It stimulates the immune system and kick-starts your metabolism, which promotes weight loss.  It also helps to rid the body of toxins.  The clearness promotes clarity in thinking and gives a new sense of purpose.  It replaces negative energy with positive and helps you to channel energy where it is needed.  It clears your chakras, ridding you of any blockages.  It aids connection with the spiritual planes and helps you to see the possibilities of the universe through this connection.  Ideal stone to use in manifesting goals.  A powerful crystal that will magnify the properties of other crystals around it.  ALL SIGNS


Gemstone of purification.  Cleanses the space around you, filling you with a high vibration that helps you open up to higher spiritual realms.  The stone has such a high vibration that it is self charging and will charge your other crystals.  A good stone to aid you in connection with angels.  It protects against the low vibration/bad energy spirits.  This is a great stone to wear or place in your workspace as a protection from negative energy.  Selenite promotes healing of the soul and in ancient times was referred to as the Goddess stone, aiding peace and harmony and the name is connected to the Ancient Greek Goddess of the moon, Selene. TAURUS, CANCER, AQUARIUS

Green Aventurine

This stone helps you to learn more about your soul and your life mission.  A stone of the heart chakra it aids recovery from the negative thought/behavioral patterns where they have led to a mistrust of love & relationships. Healer of the heart, aiding emotional stability.   Promotes a happy marriage and long distance relationships.  Neutralizes electromagnetic pollution from computers, phones and other devices.  Dissolves negative thoughts.  Healing for conditions associated with the sinuses, lungs, liver and heart TAURUS, PISCES, VIRGO, LIBRA, CANCER

Goldstone/Blue Goldstone (man-made gemstone)

A fusion of quartz and copper, this stone comes in several colours.  At my store, I have red or blue.  Known as the Stone of Ambition, this crystal gives you the ability to learn new things and also strength in dark times when you are working hard but struggling to achieve a goal.  It offers you light at the end of the tunnel and helps to restore your faith that there are greater divine powers at work helping you. This crystal is also good for inspiration and confidence. Physically, it helps with joint pain, arthritis and mood swings. Finally, a good protective stone for empaths, who are hypersensitive to the feelings of others. SCORPIO, SAGITTARIUS

Strawberry Quartz

Strawberry Quartz gives off a gentle vibration, which makes this the perfect go-to crystal for those in need of self soothing and comforting.  Ideal for those who suffer from anxiety.  This vibration also works well for therapists, healers and caregivers.  This crystal is very empowering when combined with the loving energy of Rose Quartz.  It will motivate you to seek opportunities of new love.   It awakens your talents and stimulates creativity.  LIBRA, GEMINI

Dragon's Blood Stone

Dragon's Blood Stone (also known as Dragon's Blood Jasper) is known as the protector of life, it's an empowering mineral for increasing strength and endurance. Just like Tiger Eye, this crystal promotes courage and confidence but has the added advantage of increasing physical strength. The vibration of this stone brings you the power to fight in justice, while like the dragon, maintaining your strength and resilience. Dragon's Blood also works with your heart chakra, promoting self-love and combating shyness. LEO, ARIES


Rhodonite is a stone of stress-relief, which is said to hold you in times of distress. If you wear or carry this stone it will attract joy & happiness, as well as aiding generosity.  It strengthens your heart and shows you how strong you can be.  The power of Rhodonite is phenomenal with regard to enhancing psychic abilities and lucid dreaming.  It is also a good stone for bereavement if you have lost someone close to you.  TAURUS, ARIES, LEO


Commonly found all over the world, in stunning shades of light and dark purple or violet, Lepidolite is arguably the strongest crystal in terms of mental health.

The reason for is that this natural mineral comprises heavily of Lithium, which is used in the creation of many of our mental health treatment medications, for conditions such as ADHD, Bi-polar, Anxiety and Depression to name a few.  It's a strong crystal for those who experience mood swings and it enhances your dopamine levels.  It is also said to reduce problems associated with Alzheimer’s.  VIRGO, LIBRA, CAPRICORN

Since I introduced this mineral in my store, it has been a frequent best seller and is now available in tumbles, skulls, earrings and pendants. 


Known as the stone of hope, courage and truth, Amazonite has historically been associated with female warriors, who would use it to heal wounds.  Furthermore, it leads you on a path of self discovery - to find and live your own truth and not be fearful of the judgement of others.  This crystal will work with your throat chakra to aid communication on all levels.  It will help others around you align with your chosen belief system peacefully without conflict.  It will also open your vision to the perspectives of others.   A calming stone,  Amazonite brings peace to the soul and the energy around you.  A good companion for happy marriage, working with your heart chakra.  ARIES, LEO, VIRGO, SCORPIO


Known as the "stone of good fortune" Sunstone is associated with prosperity, abundance, good luck and joy.  It will clear blockages in all chakras, leaving you feeling more energised.  Stimulates leadership and sexuality.  It also helps you to find the right path if you are unsure when making a decision.  Physically it aids in recovery from chronic throat illness, problems with the digestive system, rheumatism, SAD disorder (struggling with energy depletion in dark mornings) and joint pain.  LIBRA, LEO

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a really strong grounding stone, also bringing clarity to your thinking - particularly in terms of soul-searching to discover your ultimate dreams and aspirations in life. A strong repellent to counter the effects of electro-magnetic energy and radiation.  Helps to improve your organisation skills. Cleanses and purifies chakras.



This crystal has historically been used as a protection stone for those travelling out to sea. It has been used to alleviate fear of water and has traditionally been given as a gift to sailors or people who like to travel over water.  It is also a traditional crystal for couples, representing a happy marriage and resolving any differences in a relationship.  It is perfect as an anniversary gift. Still on the subject of love and relationships, wearing jewellery made with aquamarine is said to attract love into your life.


Blue Apatite

This crystal is a powerful tool when it comes to manifesting your future. The vibration of Blue Apatite attracts your spirit guides and if you put a piece in your pillowcase it will increase the frequency of lucid dreaming and aid in astral projection.  Giving glimpses into your future and helping you to expand your knowledge, this is the perfect stone to become aligned with your life path.  A great compliment to Blue Apatite is Amazonite because, whilst the Apatite aids in manifestation of your future, Amazonite will aid you in going forward with confidence as you live out your truth - that is your future path - gaining support and acceptance from others. 

Finally, if you're watching your waistline it is said that Blue Apatite suppresses your appetite.



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