Natural Healing Stone Pendants

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These short extendable pendant necklaces are for both men and women alike and are very popular in my Iceland store.

They feature natural minerals with healing properties and associated star signs that each one works well with.  You can read all about the stone properties on the front page of the Healing Collection.

Because these are a natural mineral, each piece is unique.  The pendants come in a green velvet Hidden People gift bag, accompanied by a booklet that I have put together which details each stone available and the healing properties/birth signs applicable.

Please note, I have just added Angel Aura Quartz so it  is not yet included in the booklet but will be included when it is next printed!  You can, however, read about it with the other stones  detailed on this site.

I will be adding to this popular collection and you can follow me on Instagram @hiddenpeoplegemking for all the latest updates and additions to collections.