Miniature Wire Tree - Lava with Crystals

These cute sparkling trees are a smaller alternative to my other wire tree collection and I make many colours to choose from, as seen in the pictures.

Standing approximately 10cm tall, each coloured tree is mounted onto black lava (formerly grey) - part of a volcano that crashed into the ocean 8000 years ago.

I make these trees in celebration of the Yggdrasil - the Viking tree of life, which is an ever-green Ash tree that spreads over the 9 worlds of the Norse Kingdom.  The tree is where the Viking gods gather and is seen as a symbol of protection.

Having introduced these trees to my store here in Iceland some time ago, they have been a consistently popular product so I decided to put them right here on my website for everyone to enjoy! More variations will be added as soon as they are ready and you can request a colour of your choice by sending me a message prior to placing your order, or at the checkout in the message section.

These are a perfect keepsake of our beautiful landscape and make ideal gifts.  Particularly as they ship easily and travel well.

They come gift packaged with a description card.

Please note that the faceted bases are in limited supply as these trees are now being made with black cubed bases.