Healing Crystal Candle (strong fragrances!)

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These scented candles have a strong fragrance throw, comparable to any leading brand. I worked with a manufacturer to put together this collection of 5 different candles, each with a healing purpose, an affirmation to manifest healing and a unique combination of crystals and floral embellishments in the candle.


PROSPERITY contains Jade and Citrine, the number 1 and 2 crystals for money, abundance and health. Together with the affirmation reading "I attract all that I desire", the crystals attract abundance in every aspect of your life! This candles has floating green leaves for decorative purposes. This candle is the lightest of the fragrances and is comparable to clean cotton but also a bit light the smell of money!


WARM HUG is for anxiety. It contains Amethyst and Tiger eye, which is ideal to calm and relieve anxiety and depression. The fragrance can be found in the opposite end of my house to where the candle is lit, and it smells of cookies hot from the oven! A customer favourite. There are purple flowers embellishing this candle and the affirmation is "I am Safe"

PROTECTION is made from black wax, as black candles destroy bad energy. Furthermore, it contains smoky quartz and obsidian...though crystal that eat bad energy and leave no crumbs! A perfect candle for your entrance hall, living space or even your bedroom. A protective pentacle decorates the front of the jar, with the affirmation "I am protected". The smell of this is quite masculine and boutique-like! The men love this alluring fragrance.

LOVE is a candle that loves you! Containing rose quartz, the universal crystal for love and emotional healing, this candle affirms "I am loved" and gives a strong fragrance throw of roses. This is a popular choice for people wanting to give a gift of love but also those wanting to set a loving ambience for a romantic night in!

CHAKRA. I must confess, unapologetically, that this is my personal favourite candle and has also, so far, been the customer favourite. The wax is purple and it contains 8 Chakra crystals (including the 8th chakra above our head). The affirmation is "I am healing" and the whole purpose for this beautiful candle is universal healing. Loved and enjoyed by all genders in equal measure, this candle throws a strong incense type fragrance that travels throughout the home. It is such a gorgeous spiritual fragrance, you could close your eyes and be transported to a magical place, truly out of this world. My regular customers have been buying this a second and even third time! Having said that though, these candles will burn for at least 30 hours.


Please be aware of candle safety.

Don't leave unattended.

Replace lid after each use instead of just blowing it out, as high oil content can lead to smoking once flame is out.