Elf Magic & Fairy Dust Keepsake Bottles

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We all know that our Icelandic lava is abundant with the presence of legendary elves and fairies. These bottles of Elf Magic and Fairy Dust capture the magic of Iceland for you to take home. They contain green moss, volcanic ash, black sand, red lava and, of course, magic sparkle! You can either scatter the dust while making a special wish or keep the bottle in a safe place to bring you luck.

The Fairy Dust keepsake is now available in a smaller sized pendant, which stands approximately 3cm in height.  These have become very popular in our Iceland store and we are therefore very excited to make them available to our international customers via this site!

Please note that the conventional keepsake bottles may have different coloured labels than pictured and we are currently using silver ones in our Iceland store.

Presented in black silk pouch.