Spiritual Healing Lava Trees

These trees measure approximately 10cm in height and are perfect little ornaments for a bedside table or desk.   As you may know, I love to make trees and, expanding on the concept of my spiritual healing jewelry I decided to create this collection of healing stone trees.  

I will keep updating this collection as I frequently work with new minerals.  In the meantime I hope you like these :)   Each one is embedded into a custom cut Icelandic lava base... please note that the shape of the lava can vary between round or square (cubed) , depending on availability so please bear that in mind when ordering.

Full details of the healing properties of each stone can be found on the Healing Stone Jewelry Collection page and this may help you when making your selection.

The current minerals available in this collection are:



Universal healing in accordance with the ancient Indian concept of Chakra.


Often given as a love token, promotes emotional healing, aids bereavement in a time of grief, attracts love.


Wish stone, spiritual guidance, connection with spirit.


Comforting in times of anxiety, calming.


The mineral most associated with prosperity and attracting money.


This mineral is most associated with leadership and progression in your chosen path.


This mineral contains the energy of the sun, represents courage and aids recovery from depression and SAD disorder.


This mineral is highly spiritual and is most associated with spiritual guidance, connection with the Divine and intuition.


Obsidian is most associated with removal of negative energy, ending negative thought patterns and protecting from all sources of bad energy, whether it derives from your own thoughts or those around you.


Jade is the mineral most associated with good luck. It is also the second best mineral for attracting money and prosperity.  


Fluorite aids concentration, focus and learning.  Plus it calms anxiety and raises spiritual awareness.  It has many other properties, though these are the most known.


This mineral is most associated with spiritual awareness, intuition and psychic messages.  It works with your third eye chakra and can also promote creativity and assist in pain relief.