Citrine Tumble

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Standard sized pieces.. 2-3cm.

Please note that this citrine may be heat treated amethyst, as most citrine tumble is.  It is not possible for vendors to know unless we are able to trace back through every step of the manufacturing process since the stone was mined and I can't do that on this occasion.  

However, it is important to note when you are looking to have a citrine for the healing properties, heat treated amethyst is just as good as citrine, as the geological make up is the same.  What you are looking for is the colour of quartz.  Geologically, there is no difference between amethyst, citrine and smoky quartz.. they are all natural quartz crystals.  However, they all have different colours depending on the heat that they are exposed to, whether naturally from the earth or by industrial ovens when mined.

There is no way to tell whether your tumble is naturally occurring citrine, heated by the earth, or heated amethyst.  Natural yellow citrine is much more rare than amethyst and for that reason many manufacturers are using amethyst for tumble instead. 

It is more expensive because of the process to achieve the citrine colour. Furthermore, the naturally occurring citrine is also more expensive than other crystals because it's more rare.

In conclusion, the only thing that matters in terms of getting the right healing properties is that you are not buying glass or plastic...and that is something I can guarantee x