Glass Baubles Filled With Icelandic Nature

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My collection of baubles has been updated and I am always creating new designs so it is worth having a regular peek into this section if you like these!  I can also make them according to your requirements so let me know if you have any specific requests.

These are lovely to hang at any time of the year and represent an authentic gift of Icelandic nature.

The round glass balls are 8cm in size and are presented in a protective gift bag. Ball shapes can vary but the round ones are flat rather than spherical.

I currently offer:

Sheeps Wool

Green Moss - Taken from a construction site and preserved in its beautiful colour, this moss takes almost 100 years to reach maturity in growth and that is why I choose to preserve it.

Reindeer Moss - Taken from a construction site and preserved, this takes many years to grow.....apprx 100!

Lupine Flower- Preserved flower that covers our landscape every summer.

Wrapped Wool Balls ~ Always popular, these are made with Icelandic wool and lava pieces on the end of the handmade knitting needles that protrude from the balls.  Colours vary and the size is 5cm -7cm.

Hand Knitted Icelandic Wool - These feature various colours, with handmade knitting needles which are crafted from wood and lava.