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´Let the benefits of crystal healing wash over you!‘

As a celebration of our nature and culture here in Iceland I have a handmade soap collection, where you will find soaps that contain exfoliating black sand, healing stones from the volcanic regions in the eastern part of Iceland, and even an Yggdrasil soap...hand painted in gold to represent the Viking Gods associated with this Viking Tree of Life in our culture.

Each soap has a unique story and information cards are therefore included with them.  The soaps are presented in a Hidden People gift bag.  Please note that the new Geldingadalur Lava Scrub soaps don´t yet have an official information card so with this soap you get a card that I made for the candles as it contains all you need to know about the new and current eruption :)

One fantastic quality of my soaps is their ingredients.  They are soy milk based or glycerine based, which means they are vegan friendly.  

Each rectangular soap measures 8cm X 5cm X 2cm - larger than the original designs so they feature an abundance of keepsake nature.



 'Let the benefits of crystal healing wash over you!‘

This handmade soap contains Icelandic healing crystals (natural minerals), hand-picked from our volcanic landscape, including Onyx, Agate, Kalsidon (Silica Quartz) and Jasper.

It has a sensual fragrance and the clear/white healing crystals it contains have a high spiritual vibration.  They work with your crown chakra to strengthen your connection with spirit, enabling stronger spiritual protection and guidance. White quartz symbolises innocence, cleanliness and purity and agate has healing benefits in all aspects of mental health.  The Jasper has many healing properties relating to physical and mental health, mainly recovery from physical or mental trauma.  It is also a very calming, grounding stone.  Collectively we have carefully chosen these minerals to fill you with with a sense of mental & spiritual well-being. 

(Note: stone contents of individual soaps will vary)



This new soap is a scrub and contains crushed lava from the site of our ongoing eruption on the Reykjanes peninsula.  This lava is grey in colour and forms the newest land to be created here in Iceland.  Similar to the Black Sand Scrub in texture, this soap is also soy based.  For the fragrance I used the same alluring scent that I use in the Red Hot Lava soap - because it really goes with the soap!  The fragrance is Cherry Tobacco and it is a customer favourite.



These soaps contain exfoliating black sand from our black sand beach in Vik.  Excellent at removing dirt, grime, and dead skin, these soap is suitable for use on your whole body.  I know from experience that this soap will leave you feeling clean, refreshed, and smelling gorgeous!



Handmade and very popular in our soap collection, this Iceberg shaped soap contains precious Icelandic mineral Iceland Spar. It's very rare in Iceland now so makes the perfect keepsake. Vikings would use this as a sort of compass as it is an optical calcite and can find the sun in a cloudy sky.  Chakra - Crown..spiritual guidance.

Please take care when using this soap as you will need to cut out the crystal quartz first (it has sharp edges).  Once removed you can soak the crystal in boiling water and that will remove any remaining soap deposits.

 ### note:  Whilst the spar crystal is authentically Icelandic, it does not have the clarity of complete clear quartz and may be opaque.


With a sweet cherry-like fragrance, this large sized clear red soap features a keepsake 8000 piece of Icelandic lava.  Like all of our ancient lava, this lava was never touched or walked on prior to it being mined, which we feel makes it really special.

The hot sweet alluring fragrance makes this soap a must if you want to add extra scent to your bathroom as well as it being a great talking point! 

It almost goes without saying but we have to tell you to take care if you use the soap as the edges of the lava may be sharp when it begins to protrude from the soap.....simple hot water will release it for a future keepsake.



This is a large round soap.  It is green and features a hand painted Yggdrasil on the top.  The Yggdrasil is the Tree of Life in Viking culture.  It is where the gods gather to rule over the earth and is a symbol of their protection.  The scent on this soap is earthy with a hint of birch.

As with all the soaps, this one comes with a detailed description of the meaning.


## As this is a handmade collection, please expect slight colour variations in different batches.