Icelandic Silfurberg (Iceland Spar) Ring, Necklace & Earrings

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This extremely rare Silfurberg calcite quartz (Iceland Spar) was mined in the 1980´s here in Iceland.  The stone has since become protected and mining is therefore forbidden.

This makes our Iceland Spar jewellery extra special!

Iceland Spar is an optical calcite used historically by our Vikings as a navigation tool to locate the position of the sun through a cloudy sky.

The rings are made from stainless steel so that they are tarnish-free and they will open to fit most sizes for ladies.  This makes the rings an ideal surprise gift!

Measuring 2cm from top to bottom of the oval shape, the rings feature larger pieces of the silfurberg mineral than our earrings and necklaces.  They look just like little pieces of ice, frozen in time!

The pendants are made from 925 Sterling Silver and the diameter of the pendant itself is approximately 1cm.  Hanging on a sparkling 17 inch 925 silver chain they are a dainty and eye-catching accessory.

The earrings are also 925 Sterling Silver and are stud earrings, similar in size to the pendant only slightly smaller (approximately 8mm).