Icelandic Silfurberg (Iceland Spar) Rings & Earrings

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This extremely rare Silfurberg calcite quartz (Iceland Spar) was mined in the 1980´s here in Iceland.  The stone has since become protected and mining is therefore forbidden.

This makes our Iceland Spar jewellery extra special!

Iceland Spar is an optical calcite used historically by our Vikings as a navigation tool to locate the position of the sun through a cloudy sky.

The rings are made from stainless steel so that they are tarnish-free and they will open to fit most sizes for ladies.  This makes them an ideal surprise gift!   I no longer make the oval shaped rings but have left the picture here so that you can see how the rings respond to UV light.  They turn magical!  Now I only make the square rings but they are stunning statement pieces that work well with both casual and formal dress.  They measure just 1cm square and are fantastic for everyday wear.

They look just like little pieces of ice, frozen in time!

The earrings are also stainless steel and are stud earrings that measure approximately 8mm. Newly designed as cluster style earrings.

Both are allergy safe.