Natural Mineral / Crystal Tree of Life Pendant

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These hand made pendants have 3 varieties.  The first (smaller ones) measure just under 3cm and have a stainless steel chain.  The second kind are larger (5cm) and have a waxed chord necklace.  The third kind are heart shaped and almost as large as the 5cm round pendants.  As the steel chain on the smaller pendant is more expensive, the pendants are all the same price despite the size difference. The bail at the top of the small necklace is really small so that is the reason why it can only have this type of chain.  I am currently uploading as many pictures of these as I can, but you can see many of them on my Instagram page, Hiddenpeoplegemking and on my Hidden People website.  You can then message me if you need to, so I know which specific design and size you would like and I will make it for you.  It´s also a good idea to do this so I can ensure I have all the crystals or beads needed in stock.

Each pendant is embellished with a natural mineral of your choice and I am always adding to the collection with crystal beads...which are extremely sparkly!

You can purchase a set consisting of the earrings and pendant and we will make this for you.  The earrings measure 2cm in diameter and the set has a slightly discounted price, just to add value and thank you for your custom.  The earrings and pendant do not have to match in order to qualify for the set discount.

Extra large pendants with leather chord necklaces are now available in any stone of your choice...we have pictured Jade on this option but you can specify when checking out your order which stone you would like.

#NOTE...the Chakra pendant is not available as a set.

The small pendants are gift boxed and larger ones come in gift bags.