Nature Lover's Pendant & Earrings Collection

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These unique glass & sterling silver pendant necklaces feature Icelandic nature as you have never seen it before - and I have now re-designed the collection so that all the chains and earrings are made from stainless steel.  This means they are allergy safe, hard wearing and tarnish free.   I have also decreased the size of the glass pendants on the chains to 8mm (as pictured in these newly uploaded pictures of the collection).

Furthermore, both silver and gold stainless steel are available - but please note, currently the matching earrings are only available in silver colour steel and not gold.

With an 18" chain, the delicate 8mm balls sit beautifully just below the neckline and are sure to draw attention for their unique, natural beauty.

The tiny glass balls contain: Green Moss, Reindeer Moss, Icelandic Sheep Wool, Ancient Red Lava, Preserved Icelandic Lupine Flower or Volcano Ash.  NEW LAVA FROM GELDINGADALUR IS NOW AVAILABLE IN THE OPTIONS!

The Lupine flower fills the Icelandic landscape between June and August.  In our cold climate, not many flowers can flourish - but the lupine continues to spread every year. Sadly though, it does have to be controlled as its demand for water can kill the ancient and precious mosses that grow.

The Lava in my jewellery is approximately 8000 years old  Equally precious are the mosses, which are nearly 100 years old - it takes that long for their growth to flourish to this stage.

The nature that I use in our pendants and earrings is preserved from areas in Iceland where building work is taking place - meaning that it would otherwise have been destroyed.  This is a fantastic and beautiful way to preserve the precious nature that we have in our rugged Icelandic landscape.

Giftboxed & gift-wrapped with an information card.

NOTE:  If you are taking advantage of my special offer to purchase the pendant and matching earrings together at a discounted price, please let me know in the message box at the checkout which one you would like.  As stated, there are currently no gold steel earrings but it is still okay to mix and match if you don´t mind the earrings being silver steel.  Just specify your choices in the message section when you check out :)