Restored Icelandic Vintage Coin Gifts ....Keyrings/Earrings

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I recently came by a tin of old Icelandic coins that are now obsolete....and immediately I was inspired as to what I can make with them!

The first thing I had to do was restore them because they were very dirty and no-one wants dirty old coins! So the restoration process involved cleaning them with a steel brush drill attachment and immediately spraying them with a protective metal varnish. After trying several different methods of cleaning the coins, I found that this was the best way to insure that the clean appearance of the coins would remain sealed and protected for as long as possible. I cannot guarantee that no tarnishing will occur but the steps I have taken definitely improve the appearance and preservation of the coins.

The years on the coins range from 1920s to the early 1980s ... and I am currently offering key chains and earrings, which can by customized so that you choose the year on the coin. This can be a year that is of significance and holds special meaning for you. Just send me an email prior to ordering and I will be able to tell you if I have the year (or years) that you are looking for.   

The earrings feature small coins in copper or silver colour (the earrings hooks on the silver coloured coins are stainless steel).   Please note that sizes of the coins vary so sizes of the earrings will vary between 14-18mm in diameter.