Vintage Krona Pendants

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These 18 inch pendants feature restored Icelandic Krona coins...from 1926 through to 1986.  I may not have every single year, as coins are not produced every year, but there are plenty of memorable years to choose from!  My year is 1975 when I was born :)

The large copper coins are the oldest ones and many feature the Danish crown as they predate Iceland´s independence from Danish rule.  The coins are cleaned, drilled and varnished with a metal varnish used on cars and it gives them shine and protection from dirt.  Finally, the chains themselves come in copper or stainless steel (gold or silver colour) and this depends on the colour of the coin.

These pendants are completely unique and make unusual and special gifts.    If you are looking for a particular year you can send me an email and I will see what I have for you.  Please note that the year you choose will determine the size and colour of the coin in some cases.  If you know what colour pendant you would like and the date does not matter, simply proceed with the order and let me know at the checkout in the messages section.

The gold coins are 1 size, the copper and silver are large or small.   Not all coins are pictured here.

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