Wire Wrapped Healing Stone Rings

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I have recently started making these rings and have now opted to use 20 gauge craft wire that is highly durable and stiff.  This wire is tarnish resistant and the rings are custom made according to customer requirements.

3 colours of wire are available.. Rose Gold, Regular Gold or Silver.

I do not know if the wire is allergy safe - so if you have a nickel allergy I don´t recommend purchasing one of these rings as I don´t know the exact composition of the wire so it is better to be cautious :)

The rings are made using beads so there is no chance of the stone falling out.

There are currently many different stones that I am working with (see product variants listed).

If you need some help to pick your stone, I have written a full guide about the healing properties of the stones I work with (see separate tab), plus additional information of star signs that are relevant. 


The least intrusive beads are the 8mm size - but if you want something that makes more of a statement I would recommend the 10mm.  Anything larger that that would be too big because of the fact that the bead protrudes inside the ring.  For this reason, sizing the rings can be a little tricky! 

I can make these in any size, so just let me know when ordering.   I sell a lot of rings and many women (myself included) are a size 7 (US sizes) on their ring finger and size 8 on their middle finger so I hope this helps as a guide.  My teenage daughter is smaller than me so I made her a size 6 rose quartz and she was happy with that!

Please let me know the size and wire colour in the message section when you check out your order. 

Feel free to contact me (Gem) if you have any questions: hiddenpeopleshop@gmail.com