Stainless Steel Viking Collection

This high quality collection of stainless steel jewellery is very popular in my store here in Iceland and I have finally added it to the website!

Each piece has a meaning or tells a story connected to our Viking heritage and there are many sizes available so there should be something for everyone.  This high quality stainless steel does not scratch or tarnish so it´s perfect for all of you hardcore vikings out there ;)

I hope you enjoy browsing the collection and if you are unsure about anything please get in touch with me prior to placing your order.

PLEASE NOTE:  The necklaces on the pendants are all leather and measure 45-50cm.  There is a longer stainless steel necklace available that I can put on instead of the leather if you request this when checking out your order.  The stainless steel necklace measures 55cm.   All items in this collection are presented in giftbags, with an information card where applicable.